Good Sunday morning Veterans,

I hope that everyone is fine and  staying hunkered down in their homes.  For our VFW members, another  reminder that our April Post mtg is cancelled and under our National  Commander-in-Chief’s directives, this is acceptable.  He has issued a  signed directive for our posts to follow.  

You will see a snail  mail letter coming out next week with additional instructions going  forward concerning our May meeting and our current elections for the new  officers for the 2020 - 2021 year. This  may require Post 4600 to do something for the first time, a video  conference mtg either on Zoom or Facebook.  Details for a secure login  with dates and times will be in the snail mail letter.  As per normal  procedures our mtgs are not public and only open to our membership.  I  would like our membership, if possible to either private message or  email me your email addresses.  You can also call or text me this info  as well, 847-293-9455.  If you want the latest info, you should give me a  call directly.

Speaking of  membership, we will be making every attempt to call you over the next  couple of weeks to check in on your health as well as if you need  anything.  We have several members and volunteers waiting to help.  It’s  hard, but we still need to keep our membership dues updated as well. 

Again, my phone number is 847-293-9455.

Please be safe, wear a mask out in public and let know if you need anything.

“Veterans First”

Dwane Lungren